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A profile can be edited only by the Community Administrator or the Leader it belongs to who is logged in (see step 4, page 3).

After logging in, an Admin can click the Admin link in the top right, then select My Profile from the Workshop Administration menu on the left.

Without Admin privileges, a Leader can log in then enter this address in a browser to access the My Profile page: http://workshops.appstate.edu/admin/myprofile.aspx

The default profile will have the user’s first and last name and email address as they are recorded in Banner:  these cannot be edited by the user. The phone number, profile description, and photo can be edited.

Enter information that will appear with workshop descriptions for which you are the Administrator and Workshop Sections for which you are the Leader.

Leaders can be edited and deleted by the System Administrator: if you have Leaders who go by a different name than what Banner provides or are no longer in your Community that you would like removed, create a Support Ticket (see page 15).

Browse to select a JPEG (JPG) image file for My Mug Shot to include your picture as well. The image will be displayed 105 pixels wide by 135 pixels high; you may need to edit an existing picture accordingly so that it displays with the correct proportions.

Click the Submit button in the top right to save changes.

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