NOTE: A Leader must have Community Admin credentials to access the Roster screen.

On the date of a workshop the Status column on the Roster screen displays the Not Set link. Click on the link to toggle the status to Completed. This can be used to indicate which participants actually attended the workshop. A Completed status is reported for the workshop on a Participant’s workshop history (displayed by selecting the My Workshops link in top right corner after logging into http://workshops.appstate.edu). A Community Admin can change the Status for participants as long as the Workshop remains in the system. Some participants may request this so that they can show their workshop history to a supervisor.

NOTE: It is the workshop Leader’s responsibility to accurately confirm a participant’s attendance if it is going to be marked as Completed.

Use the Show Less button at the bottom of the roster to hide some of the controls on this screen, so in a classroom with an instructor’s station and projector you can display the Roster screen for a workshop. Use a larger text size for the browser to make the screen easy to read. Participants arriving can see they are in the right place.

As you begin the workshop you can call the roll from the roster listing and change the Status to Complete for those in attendance by clicking the Not Set link. This gives you an opportunity to identify your attendees by name. Print this screen later to have a record of attendance.

Alternately, you can print this page to create a roll that you can mark or pass around so attendees can initial. After the workshop you can set the Status on the Roster screen from the roll sheet.

Click the Show More button to display the full view of the Roster screen (so you can manually register participants).

Click the Done button in the top right corner of the screen after viewing or making changes to the roster. The Workshop Sections screen for the workshop is displayed. Select My Workshops from the Workshop Administration menu to return to the list of your scheduled workshops.

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