NOTE: Before you can create a workshop, create a Workshop Type to assign to it

HINT: You can move to the next field on the screen by pressing the Tab key.

From the Workshop Listing screen, click the Add Workshop link to create a new workshop; or click the edit link beside an existing workshop to modify it.

Enter a Workshop Name. The name is used to as the title for the workshop, so it should be descriptive enough to draw users that would be interested. Maximum length is 50 characters.

Community defaults to the logged-in Administrator’s Community. You cannot create workshops outside your Community.

Select the Workshop Type. Modify the Types list from the link on the Workshop Administration menu. see page 8

Select a Workshop Administrator for the workshop from the list of Leaders and Community Administrators. Modify the list of Leaders from the Edit Workshop Community screen using the Communities link on the Workshop Administration menu (see page 6). The Workshop Admin will be the default Leader for new sections of the workshop. If the leader for the workshop is not ASU personnel, use the Description field to identify the actual leader.

NOTE: A Workshop Administrator does not necessarily have Community Administrator credentials in Workshop Scheduler, and assigning someone a Workshop Administrator does not give them those credentials (see p. 15).

Optionally include a More Information URL to display a link with the workshop description with more information for users. This will be displayed as a text link: Additional Information

The Station Type option specifies whether users should select between a Windows or Macintosh computer for the workshop. No Prompt removes the option from the Registration screen; Optional displays the option, but does not require a selection; Required displays the option and prompts the user if a selection is not made.

Select the notifications to Copy Email to Administrator when Registrant is Notified: when each participant signs up (Confirm Reg.), drops (Confirm Drop), or is promoted from the Wait List to an open seat (Promote WL). Participants always receive these notifications; select these options if you want the Workshop Administrator to receive the emails as well.

Enter the number of days before a workshop to send an automatic email Reminder to all registered participants. Leave the field blank to prevent the automatic reminder.

Enter text blocks that describe the workshop.

Learning Objectives are listed with bullets following the text Upon completion of this course, you should be able to...  Enter brief phrases beginning with a verb (infinitive), such as, "Understand concepts central to this topic." Enter each one followed by the Enter (Return) key. Bullets are entered automatically on the description screen.

Pre-Requisites are listed with bullets. Enter each one followed by the Enter (Return) key. Bullets are entered automatically on the description screen. Enter “None” rather than leave the list blank, since the heading is always displayed.

Enter a complete Description of the workshop to help users understand what to expect. The description will appear at the top of the page where users register for the workshop. Simple formatting is available in the field:

<b>These tags make the text between them bold.</b>
<i>These tags make the text between them italics (slanted).</i>

Leave a blank line (press Enter key twice) to separate paragraphs.

Section Defaults

The values entered in these fields will be the default values for a new Workshop Section.

see Add/Edit Workshop Section for descriptions of these fields, page 11

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