To view the Workshop Sections screen select a Sec(tion) link from the Workshop Listing (accessed from the Workshop Administration Menu).

Add a Workshop Section

From the Workshop Sections screen, click the Add Workshop Section link to create a new section of the workshop; or click the edit link beside an existing Workshop Section to modify it (see below).

To keep the Workshop Section in the database, but remove it from the Sign-Up page so no more users can register, turn on the Inactive option. Any scheduled automatic emails to registrants yet to be delivered will not be sent. Likewise, there is no automatic notification to registrants indicating the removal of the Workshop Section.

In the My Workshops listing, Participants will see all existing sections they have registered to attend (active or inactive). In other lists of Workshop Sections, Inactive sections are not listed unless the Show Inactive option is turned on.


If you cancel a Workshop Section you can turn on the Inactive option to remove it from the registration page and prevent anyone from signing up. You should notify already registered participants that the workshop has been canceled. A link to email all registrants is located on the Roster page for the Workshop Section.

Enter a Section Code for the instance of the workshop that is unique for that workshop; that is, two sections of the same workshop cannot have the same Code.


You can enter a number representing the number of times the workshop has been presented (starting with 1 and continuing, of course) or the date of the workshop (such as 801 for an August 1 workshop). You might add text to indicate the day of the week: m t w h f s u, so 801f when August 1 is on a Friday.

Select a Leader (instructor) for the Workshop Section. This list is created on the Edit Community screen (see page 6). The default selection is the Workshop Administrator.


Default values for the Location, Enrollment and Wait List quantities, Start Time and End Time fields can be set for new Workshop Sections on the Add/Edit Workshop screen. Why set a default Start Time and End Time? If you set the default Start Time as 12:00, the End Time will indicate how long the workshop lasts; for example, set the End Time as 1:30 for a workshop that lasts 90 minutes. This is helpful if your workshops are different lengths.

Enter a Location for the workshop that describes where the participants can find it. Maximum length is 50 characters. The default for this field for all Sections of this Workshop can be entered on the Edit Workshop screen.

Select the notifications to Copy Email to Administrator when Registrant is Notified: when each participant signs up (Registration), Drops, or is Promoted from the Wait List to an open seat. Participants always receive these notifications; select these options if you want to receive the emails as well.

Enter the number of participants for Minimum Enrollment, Maximum Enrollment, and Maximum number on the Wait List. The default values for these fields for all Sections of this Workshop can be entered on the Edit Workshop screen. These fields are masked to require 2‑digit numbers, so enter a zero before single-digit numbers: 03, for example.


When the Wait List maximum is reached, no other users can register for the workshop. When a registered participant drops from the roster, the next person on the Wait List is promoted to the available seat and an automatic email is sent to them to confirm the Registration. Another user can sign up for the available spot on the Wait List.

Enter the Date for the meeting time of the Workshop Section as MMDDYY or select a date from the calendar by clicking on the icon below the Date field.

Enter the Start Time and End Time for the meeting time of the Workshop Section. These fields are masked to require 4 digits for the time: the first 2 for the hour, the last 2 for the minutes (for example, 0100 for 1 o’clock) followed by A for AM or P for PM.

Click the Submit button in the top right corner of the screen to save your changes.

Edit Workshop Section screen

From the Workshop Sections listing screen, click the edit link to the left of a listed section. The Edit Workshop Section screen includes everything on the Add Workshop Section screen plus the current number of participants Registered and Wait Listed, and controls to change or add Meeting Date and Times.

  • To change the Meeting Time: click the Delete link beside the current Date and Time, then enter a new Date and Time and click the Add

A single Workshop Section can have multiple Meeting Times for this Section, that is, participants must attend multiple meetings for the complete presentation of the workshop. Enter an additional date and time, then click Add. Automatic reminder emails will be sent prior to each Meeting Time if the option is set for the Workshop.


  • Alternate meeting times (participants can choose which meeting to come to) are set up as separate Workshop Sections.
  • There is only one Status setting per participant for a workshop section. Attendance cannot be marked for each Meeting Time. Mark a participant’s Status as Completed when he has attended all required meetings of a workshop section.

Click the Submit button in the top right corner of the screen to save your changes.

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