Users register for a workshop section from the Registration screen for a workshop, which displays the full description of the workshop, optional information about the Workshop Administrator, and a list of currently scheduled workshop sections. If a workshop section has a seat open (the Max Enrolled have not registered), a Register button is displayed to the left of its listing. If the Max Enrolled have registered, but there are still spots on the Waiting List, a Wait List button is displayed. If the Max Wait List have signed up to be on the Waiting List, no button is displayed for the workshop section.

A Community Administrator can also register a user from the Roster screen

To register or sign up for the Waiting List, a user clicks on the button. If the user has not logged in, the Log In screen is displayed. After the user has successfully logged in, a confirmation screen is displayed with a summary of the workshop section, optional information about the Workshop Section Leader, and buttons to confirm the user wants to Register (or sign up for the Wait List) or to Cancel registering for this section.

To see a list of all workshop sections a user has registered for, the user must log into the website workshops.appstate.edu (link in the top right corner of the screen), then select the My Workshops link (in the top right corner of the screen). If the workshop section has not yet occurred, a Drop button is displayed to the left of its listing. The user can drop his enrollment from the workshop section by clicking the Drop button, then confirming on the next screen. A Community Administrator can also drop a user’s registration from the Roster screen.

The Status column for workshop sections listed is blank unless the Workshop Leader changed the user’s Status from Not Set to Completed. This list of workshops only confirms the user’s registration, not necessarily his attendance. Marking a participant’s Status as Completed is the only way to indicate attendance in the Workshop Scheduler. see Marking Workshop Attendance

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