AsULearn has a built-in Accessibility Toolkit for identifying common accessibility issues in your course. It is a useful tool, however, you might find that a consultation is helpful when evaluating the results of the review to help explain the errors and potential fixes. We also recommend you complete adding most (if not all) of your content and activities to your course before using the toolkit. 

Scanning the course

  1. From your course home page, in the Course Menu along the top, click the More item and select Brickfield Accessibility+ Toolkit.

  2. You will be notified that your course is not yet been scheduled for evaluation, and receive a detailed explanation of what is included in this accessibility check. Click Submit for analysis.

  3. You will then be sent to your course's Reports page (also available in the Course menu), where you will see a notice that the course is scheduled for evaluation. The evaluation process may take as much as 15 minutes to complete.

    Course has been scheduled for analysis message
    NOTE: This banner announcement is not visible to students.

  4. Add the Accessibility Review block to your course:
    1. Return to your course home page, and Enable Edit mode at the top right,
    2. If you do not see the +Add a block option at the top right, open the block drawer by clicking on the left-facing arrow, also at the top right.

      With the block drawer open, click +Add a block.

  5. Select Accessibility+ Review and your block will appear on the right hand side of the course page. Once your review is complete, the results will appear in the block.

  6. Once the review is complete,  the summary results are shown in the Accessibility+ Review block, as seen below:

    The block will list errors in six categories.

    At the bottom of the Accessibility review block, there are four icons. Each of them provides different views/options for reviewing the analysis and making your course content more accessible. Left to right, they represent:

    1. Toggle Accessibility+ Heatmap

    2. View the Accessibility+ Report

    3. Download the Accessibility+ Report

    4. View the Accessibility+ Outline Report

  7. You may correct many errors in your course using this Error list and fixing each error manually. However, you can seek further explanation and guidance from a faculty consultant for some of the flagged errors.

Getting help:

For more information about using the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit with your AsULearn course, or about accessibility issues in general, submit a Jira support ticket. For more or about accessibility, you can find training, support, and campus resources through the App State Accessibility website

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