As the name suggests, Admin By Request (ABR) provides multiple avenues for users to request the administrative access they need, when they need it. Admin by Request is to be installed on all university-owned, faculty/staff computers and requires users to request access or elevate their devices to Administrative status. Requests do not require approval in most instances and for most users. Simply open ABR to start an admin session. This platform replaces Privileges on Macs.

Running as a standard user on your computer is a security feature that helps protect users, computers, and our network from potential threats. It also reduces the risk of accidental changes or damage to your university-managed device. Using ABR should be reserved for specific tasks such as software installs or uninstalls, updates, etc.

How to use ABR?

This software is installed on all university-managed, faculty and staff computers. ABR can be requested for use on university lab computers where students may need this level of access. For details on using ABR, see our knowledge base article.

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Status: Active

11/18/2023 07:05:07