Collaborative Network Service (CNS) takes the traditional video conferencing format and provides opportunities to fully interact on a multi-tier set of platforms including specialized integrated video-over-IP facilities and Zoom. The unique aspect of CNS is that when you are in the space, you are immersed, meaning that any participant (person or group) joining, or if you are teaching a class to a group in London, they will see you up close. If you have students in the space with you, any participant joining will see the students together and if one starts to talk, the participant joining will see them up close. The video and audio are production grade, so everyone will be seen and heard in with a high quality of service set of standards.

What is the meaning? Collaborative Network Services means exactly as it reads.
     •Collaborative - allows for simultaneous collaboration of students and people that are in the same physical location and spread out throughout the state, nation, and/or international; therefore you can have a room of students in-person, and a room of students and/or faculty, at UNCW, UNCC, UNC, NCSU, UNCA, UNCLA, NYC Fashion Institute, Yasar University (Turkey)... you get the point, all at the same time.
     •Network - as with all platforms that use the Internet, CNS using the network to bring in people, or classes from other locations.
     •Service - the Human Element. CNS consults with you and reaches out to all sites that you request to assure the best possible outcomes. Some international sites do not have this level of service, so we will assist them in working out a solution. Oh, and when you enter the CNS suite, you don't have to push any buttons, or worry about "What not?"

This real-time interactive space provides faculty with an opportunity to engage students in a natural manner without the worries of being the "button pusher" or worrying about the technical scope of the class, conference, or while just having fun with a guest lecture. CNS offers an approximate combination of in-person and networked students and guests within an environment that blurs the lines of what it means to teach "distance education."

Who can use this service?

Any department, college, faculty, staff, and students

How do I request this service?

Who do I contact for problems or issues?

Please contact Darrell Laws at 828-262-7122

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