You can customize your group membership settings to:

  • Change your name and email address in a group
  • Show your photo and link to your Google profile
  • Set how often you receive emails from the group

Find Group Membership Settings

  1. Go to
  2. Select the group you want to edit.
  3. Click on the “My membership settings” tab in the left sidebar menu.

Customize Membership Settings

To change your name in the group:
Click in the “Display name” box and enter your preferred name. (To change your display name, you must uncheck the box that links to your Google Account. 

To link your Google profile:
Check the “Link to my Google Account” box below “Display name”. (Unchecking this option hides your photo and Google profile.)

Choose which email address to use with your group membership:
Select your preferred email address in the “Email use for membership” drop-down menu.

Change your group subscription type:
In the “Subscription” drop-down menu, choose to receive either

  • Each email - You'll get an email anytime someone posts to the group.
  • A digest - On days when people post to the group, you'll only get one email that includes every message that was sent.
  • An abridged version of the emails sent to the group.
  • No email from the group - You won't get emails, but you can still see posts by logging in to Google Groups and clicking on that group.

Subscribe to email updates when you post to a conversation:
If you post something and want to receive updates every time someone responds, check the box next to "Subscribe me to email updates when I post to a conversation."

Click “Save changes” once you are finished making any changes to your membership settings.

Important: You won't be able to get daily summaries or combined updates if your group's messages aren't archived by Google Groups. But you can ask the owner of your group to change this setting using the Turn Conversation History On or Off help article.

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