Enable Activity Completion for students to keep track of their assignments. Course Completion Tracking provides students with overall progress towards completing all requirements for the course (as set up in Step 3 below).

  • Completion Tracking for activities and resources can be enabled whether or not any Course Completion Tracking conditions are enabled.
  • Course Completion Tracking can be set up without enabling Activity Completion Tracking as long as activities or resources are not specified as conditions for completing the course.
  • For the teacher to keep track of students' completion of assignments, completion tracking for the activities/resources must be enabled and the activities/resources selected as a condition for course completion.

Step 1 - Enable Completion Tracking Feature

Completion Tracking needs to be turned on for your course for tracking of either activities or course completion.

To enable completion tracking for your course:

  1.  Turn editing on and select Settings from the Course menu.

  2. Scroll down to the Completion tracking section and click the arrow to open the section.

  3. Click the dropdown menu next to Enable completion tracking and select Yes.

    Screenshot of Course Settings and completion Tracking

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Display.

Step 2 - Define Completion for Activities/Resources in the Course

Once you have enabled Completion Tracking for your course (Step 1), you can go to each activity/resource and choose which ones to include in activity completion.

To enable completion tracking for an individual activity or resource:

  1. Click on the activity or resource to open it.

  2. Click Settings from the activity/resource menu.

  3. Scroll down to the Activity Completion section..
    select completion options dropdown
  4. Select the option for Students can manually mark the activity as completed or Show activity as complete when conditions are met Students will see labels that indicate whether they can mark the activity complete or the condition that they must meet to complete the activity or resource.   Students will see completion indicators in the Course index beside activities and resources that have activity completion enabled.

If the students can manually mark the activity as completed, they will see the following option to mark the activity as complete. 

mark as done label

Otherwise, the label will indicate to the student what condition must be met for completion.

To do label

When the condition for completion has been met a student will see the following:

done label

Students will also see a filled dot in the Course index indicating that the activity is complete.

NOTE: You may select Do not indicate activity completion to disable completion tracking for any activity.

  1. The following options are enabled when Show activity as complete when conditions are met is selected. Click to select (check) a condition that is required.
    • Require view - Student must view this activity to complete it (the only option for a Resource)
    • Require grade - Student must receive a grade to complete this activity.  You can also indicate that a student must receive a passing grade to complete the activity. (Make sure that you have entered Grade to pass in the Grade section if you enable this option.)  For Quizzes, you can also select "all available attempts completed".
    • Student must submit this activity to complete it
    • Require attempts - Students must attempt the quiz at least the number of times you enter here to complete the activity.
    • In Forums, you can require a number of posts, replies and discussions started in order for the activity to be marked complete.
  2. Optional: Enable Expect completed on to set a date and time for expected completion.

  3. Click Save and return to course or Save and display (activity or resource).

Step 3 - Define Course Completion Requirements

  1. Go to the course homepage and choose Course completion from the More menu.

  2. From the General section select whether Course is complete when ALL of the conditions are met or ANY of the conditions are met referring to the condition sections on this page. For Course Completion to be tracked at least one condition in the sections below must be specified.

    Course completion settings

  3. Expand the Condition: Activity completion section to select (checkbox) activities or resources that are required for completing the course. Set the Condition requires: ALL (or ANY) selected activities to be completed.

  4. Specify any other conditions in the sections below.

  5. Click Save changes

Step 4 - Add Course Completion Status block

This block is not necessary for tracking completion of activities and resources only.

  1. Go to the course homepage and turn Edit mode on (top right).

  2. Make sure the Block drawer is open on the right hand side of the screen.

  3. Click Add a Block at the top of the block drawer.

  4. Select Course Completion Status from the Add a Block menu.

    If Course Completion Status does not appear in the Add a block menu, it has already been added to the course.

  5. The block will be added on the right side. Click-and-hold the Move block icon in the block header and drag it to a new position.

  6. Turn Edit mode off.

  • For the teacher, the Course Completion Status block shows the View course report link (see Sample below).
  • For the student, the block shows the student's Status and number of required criteria completed for Course Completion.  

Sample Completion Report

If any criteria for Course Completion Tracking have been enabled, Teachers can view a report (accessed from the Course Completion Status block, Step 4) that details the completed criteria for each Student.

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