On the first day of classes for each academic term at approximately 7am ET, ALL AsULearn courses created by Banner in that term are made visible.

You can make your current session course(s) visible to students earlier than that. And after 7am on the first day of class, you can (re)hide course(s) for the remainder of the term if you wish. Remember, if you combine courses using course meta links, you may wish to hide the courses that have no content in them after 7am on the first day of the term, so your students see only the combined course that you are using.

Step-by-step guide

Option One: Settings

To change your current course visibility to students in AsULearn: 

  1. From the main course page, click the button to Turn Editing On.

  2. Select the Settings item in the course menu along the top.

    Edit course settings, set Course visibility to show

  3.  In the General section toggle the Course  Visibility  setting:
  • Show: Course is visible to students
  • Hide: Course is not visible to students

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit course settings page, and click Save and display.

Option Two: Quickset Block

To change your current course visibility to students in AsULearn: 

  1. Locate the QuickSet block on the right side of your AsULearn course page. 
    Quickset block, set Students see course to Yes
  2. Change the setting for Students see course to Yes.
  3. Not that you can also you the Quickset Block to independently control student access to the gradebook (that is, make the course visible to students, but not the gradebook).
  4. Important: Click on Update settings to make the change.

Troubleshooting Tips

Most common reasons for not seeing an AsULearn course for a class you are teaching:

1. Check the Filter on the Course Overview block: 

In the Course Overview block, courses are organized by temporal filters:

  • All: All courses visible to you to which you have access
  • In-Progress: Courses that are within their start date and end date. Within any given semester, courses show as 'In progress' 
  • Future: Courses that have not reached their start date 
  • Past: Courses that have passed their end date 
  • Starred: Users can add a star to any course and then filter to only starred courses
  • Removed from view: Users can remove a course from their own view, and then use this filter to see it again, and add it back to their view

If the number of courses displayed in a category exceeds a page, use the page browser at the bottom of the page to find a specific course.  

Figure 1: Screenshot of the AsULearn dashboard. The top section provides you a list of recently accessed courses. Use the arrows to toggle through the list. The bottom section provides the course overview and this is where you can select which timeframe you would like to view (indicated by the blue arrow). The arrangement of this page is user-editable, so yours may not appear in this order.

2. You are not yet the Instructor of Record in Banner

AsULearn courses are created and populated by Banner events from the Registrar's office. AsULearn courses are created before the semester, but until the Registrar knows you are the teacher, you will not be added to the site.  If you don't see a course for a class you're teaching, first follow-up with the administrative assistant or chair of your department. When the Registrar enters you as the instructor of record, you will see it in AsULearn.

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