Choose a format to determine how sections or topic blocks will behave on your course page. The Topics format is the default and is highly recommended. If you are familiar with earlier versions of AsULearn, you'll find that the Topics format in AsULearn 4 now combines the best features of Topics and Collapsed Topics.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From your course homepage, select Settings from the Course Menu along the top.
    From the course menu select settings

  2. On the Settings page, Click on the Course format section to open the options.

  3. Using the Format dropdown menu, select the desired format for your course.

    Kickstart format: Allows you to select a template with ready-made content to get you started. The template is additive and will not replace content that you currently have in place.

    Topics: Allows individual users to expand/collapse individual and all/none course Topics. This format avoids the need to scroll down a very long page to access the bottom sections of a course, and is very helpful on mobile devices.

    Expand all:

    Collapse all:

    Expand individual:

    Weekly Format: Organizes course topics by calendar week, with a clear start and finish date. AsULearn creates and labels the topic for each week of your course based on the course Start date. The week labels are not editable, so this format can prove difficult if your course schedule requires altering in the heat of the semester. 

  4. Click the Save and Display button at the bottom of the page to retain any updates.

Why are there fewer course formats to choose from now than in the past? Great question! Our team works with the LMS Advisory Group to regularly review student survey data, and a common theme has been difficulty navigating courses organized in different formats. After testing and careful consideration, we've settled on the most adaptive, mobile-friendly, and accessible course formats. We hope that moving forward, our students will benefit from more overall consistency among courses in our LMS.

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