If you don't see all of your courses when you first log into AsULearn, don't panic.

All AsULearn courses are made visible to students at 7am on the first day of classes for the associated term. Instructors using AsULearn may opt to make their course visible to students early (in advance of the first day of classes), but not all choose to do so. The first thing to do if you don't see one or more of your courses in AsULearn is to reach out to the instructor of record.

Not all faculty members make use of AsULearn. All courses are made visible to students at 7am on the term's first day of classes, though faculty may choose to make them visible earlier or hide them later. 

When faculty teach multiple sections of the same course, some opt to combine them using course meta links. This is often the case when you have access to a section in AsULearn that is different from the one reflected on your Banner schedule of courses. Faculty usually provide guidance on the course page when combining sections in this manner:

If you see two sections of the same course, one with content and one blank, your instructor has likely combined enrollments in this fashion. This doesn't impact which course you are registered for, your transcript, etc; it is only a combination of enrollments inside AsULearn. If you have any questions about access to course content, the first point of contact should be your instructor of record. If they are unable to help, submit a service request with the link below.

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