Only create receipts for items received - remove all other line items

Step-by-step guide - Creating a Receipt

1. On the YoMart Shopping-Home Page select Orders→ Search → Purchase Orders

2. Enter the Purchase Order # 

3. Add or change any filter fields as needed→ hit Enter or click Search

4. Click on the PO Number to open up the purchase order

5. Click on the Receipts tab and click the Plus Icon to add a receipt 

Create a Cost Receipt for Cost Receipts Purchase Orders or Standing Orders

Create a Quantity Receipt for all other orders

5. Scroll down to the Receipt Lines section

6. For each line item, enter the Quantity received and make sure the Line Status is on Received

7. Remove all other line items from the receipt that have not been received by clicking the Remove Line button for that line item

8. When all line items have either been received or the line item removed, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Complete

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