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Data Control Services

  • AppWorx – Define/Schedule/Submit/Monitor/Troubleshoot jobs for end users, Application Analysts and DBA group.
  • Banner – Submit jobs either scheduled or on demand.
  • Duplicate PIDM - When possible duplicate PIDM's are found, acquire information for ID's in question and forward to appropriate individuals for final decisions.
  • e~Print – Define/monitor/troubleshoot jobs as needed.
  • Create month-end/year-end data CD's for Finance and Alumni Offices.
  • External File Download/Upload - Download/Upload Certiphi/Blue Cross Blue Shield/Praxis & COB Proficiency Credit files and process accordingly.
  • Username Changes – Coordinate and Process Username changes 6 times a year.
  • Docuware and Banner Security - Create and Modify Users and Classes

Who can use this service?

Faculty and Staff

How do I request this service?

Data Control 828-262-2140

Who do I contact for problems or issues?

Data Control Window 828-262-2140

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