General info about a Digital Sign and Scala setup

  • The Scala digital sign is composed of two devices, a screen/monitor and a computer. We often refer to the computer as the player
  • Content or media is uploaded and configured using the web-based Scala Content Management System (Scala CMS) which requires a log-in for access. Media is then deployed to the player over the internet. The player displays media on the screen.
  • When media is uploaded to a player, it typically takes about 15 minutes before the player display cycle refreshes.

Troubleshooting Media Content

If you’ve uploaded media but it’s not displaying:

  1. Check Scala CMS to ensure:
    1. the content is not expired and/or scheduled for future display dates; 
    2. the content has been added to the correct playlist;
    3. the playlist is scheduled and assigned to the correct channel; and,
    4. the player is displaying the correct channel. 

  2. Try deleting and re-uploading the media to the player.

If you need further assistance with media, contact

Pro tip: Follow the breadcrumbs to review which channel and playlist(s) are attached to the player in question. 

Troubleshooting Device Issues

Sometimes the content is configured correctly for the player, but either the screen or the computer is causing issues. If you suspect there is a device issue:

  1. Check the screen and the computer to be sure both are powered on. It is also worthwhile to restart the devices if you have not already.
    1. To restart the screen: Using the power button on the screen or a remote controller, power the screen off and then back on. Many screens will default to the correct source on startup. If it doesn't default to the correct source, use the remote or screen buttons to navigate to the correct source.
    2. To restart the computer:
      1. Find the power button for the computer and press it once to shut down. The computer will safely shut down after a few seconds, simply wait for the power button and any other lights to turn off.
      2. If the computer does not shut down you may have to force it. To force the computer to power off, press and hold the power button for at least six seconds. The computer should power off.
      3. Allow the computer at least 10 seconds before attempting to power back on by pressing the power button.

  2. Check that the screen is on the correct input source. This varies per setup but typically it should be on an input such as HDMI, DisplayPort/DP, Video, or DVI.

  3. Check all wired connections to make sure the cables are securely connected to each device. 
    1. The computer will need to be connected to power, network, and to the screen via a video cable (HDMI, DP, DVI, etc). 
    2. The screen will need to be connected to power, and to the computer. Some configurations may have more or less connections depending on the specific equipment installed, and some screens have a built-in computer.

If you need further assistance with your device(s), submit a support request at

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