Users can use the Printer Setup Tool from Apple Self Service to see a list of pharos printers and add them to their Mac. If the printer setup tool is not working, please submit a support request.

  1. Open Self-Service and Log In.
  2. Navigate to the Setup or Print and Scan categories, find the Printer Setup Tool item and Run it.
  3. After a few seconds, an Octory window will open that allows you to select up to five printers to add to the machine.


    If you need to add more than five printers, you can go back to Self Service and run the item again after completion.

  4. After selecting your printers, click Add to complete the process.
    1. If necessary, the tool will install the required printer drivers to use the selected printers.
    2. If any printers could not be added, you will get a pop-up that tells you what printer could not be added, and what driver it was looking for.
  5. To confirm that the printers were added, you can open System Preferences and click on the Printers & Scanners icon, and your printers should be in the list. It may take the tool a few seconds to add the printers.


    Printing to AppState network printers require you to be on a registered wireless network (asu or asu-secure), a registered campus wired network, or connected to ASUVPN.

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