1. To create a support request, visit support.appstate.edu, and click Create a Support Request on the left under Contact Support. Or visit tech.appstate.edu directly.
  2. You will be prompted to sign in, using your App State account and password to submit a ticket.
  3. On the App State Technology Service Desk page, you will have the option to submit requests for specific types of assistance such as:
    • Account Assistance - Getting logged into your account or a specific service.
    • Computer Assistance - Help with your university-managed computer.
    • Printing Assistance - General printing issues, Sharp Copier, or Lab printing issues.
    • DUO Support Request - Help with Duo Two-Factor Authentication.
    • Google Assistance Request - Help with a Google account or Google Workspace product.
    • M: or P: Drive / uStor Access - Request changes to access to your departmental or personal drive.
    • AsULearn Request - Request assistance with an AsULearn course as a teacher, student, or other role. 

Computer Assistance Example Support Request

For help with issues regarding your university-managed computer.

  1. Click Computer Assistance.

  2. Enter your name in the box that says Raise this request on behalf of.

  3. In the Summary box, provide a brief summary of your issue (e.g. “I can’t connect to the Internet.”)

  4. In the Description box, go into detail about your issue, providing any relevant context that can help ITS in resolving your issue.

  5. Enter a Preferred Contact Number where you can be reached.

  6. Under Building, there are two drop-down menus. In the left drop-down menu, choose your location first (Main Campus, Off-campus, Residence Hall, Hickory), then a list of buildings will populate in the second drop-down menu.

    For the Hickory Campus, choose Hickory as the location, then in the second drop-down, select your building on the Hickory Campus.

  7. Enter a Room Number where you or your computer can be located.

  8. Click Create to submit your request.

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