This guide will help walk you through the process of requesting service or supplies for a Sharp copier that is having issues.

Toner and staple supplies are covered under the contract.  The paper for the copier is provided by the department.

Step-by-step guide

1. In a web browser, go to and click Create a Support Request and then click Printing Assistance (or go directly to and click on Printing Assistance).

2.  On this page, click the drop-down menu under Type of Print Assistance Needed and select the printing assistance you require or type keywords in the search bar to search for a specific request.

3.  Fill out the requested information on this page providing the most detail that you can.

Enter a brief Summary outlining the main issue you are requesting help for.
In the Description box, put what you need in terms of service or supplies. If toner is needed, please note which color toner.
The Sharp ID is very important and can be located on the front of the Sharp copier on the silver Sharp ID tag or on the orange card on the copier.

If the copier has a Sharp Error Code, please note what the code is.
The last section of the form asks for Preferred Contact Number such as a point of contact and the location of the copier including the building and room number.

Once the form has been completed, click on Create and a service ticket will be generated for the Copier and Printer Support team on campus.

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