AppState has the ability to deploy Apps from Apple's App Store (for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) on University-owned and managed devices. While users can use a personal Apple ID to sign in and download free Apps to a University-owned device, they should never use a University P-Card to purchase Apps on a personal Apple ID. Instead, when a user needs to use University funds to download Paid Apps OR to download free apps to deploy to multiple devices at once, they will need to follow the guide for Requesting App Licenses for Managed Apple Devices. Once a request has been submitted, a Department Administrator or Purchaser will need to purchase apps through an Apple portal called Apple School Manager with a University P-Card in order for ITS to deploy the App to the devices. If you are the Department Admin or Purchaser, follow this guide for getting logged into Apple School Manager and purchasing licenses: 


Your department should consider some form of approval process for using University funds to purchase Apps. This might be approval from the Chair or Department head.

IT Acquisition

Most software purchases need to go through the IT Acquisitions Request BEFORE purchasing. To find out which purchases need to go through IT Acquisitions, view the guide here:

For more information about IT Acquisitions, visit

Step-by-Step Guide

All Faculty and Staff users have a Federated Apple ID for logging into Apple School Manager. This means you will be directed to Microsoft Azure and use your AppState username and password to login. If this is your first time purchasing Apps for your department, submit a general support request with the following description: “Need Federated Apple School Manager account created with Content Manager rights to my department.” Please provide the department that you are a purchaser for so ITS can set up your Federated Apple ID.

  1. When a Faculty or Staff member submits a request for App licenses to be purchased, and the Department Chair or Approver has approved the purchase, you will receive an email notification from Jira with the specific App information needed for purchasing. Here is an example body of an app notification email:

    An App purchase request for "Double Robot" has been approved by "Approver Name".

    App: WolframAlpha
    Direct link:
    Number of Licenses: 5
    Total Cost of Purchase: $14.95
    List the managed devices that need the App deployed: Math-TaGa iPad Group

  2. Once you are ready to purchase, start by logging in to Apple School Manager by navigating to in an internet browser and login with your AppState email address. If you do not get redirected to Microsoft Azure for login, please submit a support request before continuing.
  3. In the lower left, select Apps and Books. If you are prompted, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

  4. In the search bar, you can search for the requested app and then select it to view more details.
  5. To ensure that you are purchasing the correct app, we recommend pulling up the direct link provided in the request in a separate tab and make sure the App Name, Developer Name, Icon, and Price match. 

  6. If you have not already, follow the steps to Link your P-Card to your Apple School Manager account. Once that is done, you can continue.
  7. Once you have confirmed the app you need to purchase licenses for, select the drop down for Assign To and choose your location.


    The locations shown are the departments you have rights to make purchases for in Apple School Manager. Contact IT Support Services if you do not have the correct access.

  8. Enter the quantity of licenses needed. Confirm the price for your licenses matches the price in the request. Once you are ready, you can select Buy or Get.


    Some Apps are available at a 50% discount when you purchase 20 or more licenses. It may even be cheaper to purchase 20 licenses to get the discount even if you only need between 10-19 licenses.
    For example, if you need 12 licenses of WolframAlpha it would cost $35.88 but if you purchase 20 licenses instead, the total cost would be $29.80.

  9. Once purchased, a receipt will be emailed to your AppState email address.
  10. Once you have received the confirmation email, reply to the Jira requst with "Licenses have been purchased for AppName" and ITS will being deploying these licenses to the requested devices.

Linking a University Purchasing Card to Apple School Manager

  1. Before attempting to make any purchases, make sure the appropriate P-card is registered in settings:
    1. Login to Apple School Manager and select your name in lower left corner, then Preferences. In Preferences, select Payments and Billing. If prompted, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

    2. Under the Apps and Books tab, select Add under Payment Method, then select Credit/Debit Card.

    3. Enter your P-Card information and make sure the billing address exactly matches the correct billing address attached to the credit card.


      Apple will decline the purchase if the billing information you entered does not match the billing information from the purchasing office exactly. Also, too many declined attempts or large purchases may lock the card.

      For help with your finding your exact billing address, contact the Purchasing/Warehouse at .

    4. Select Save and you have successfully added your P card.

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