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In the case where standard device management policies interfere with the University academic and/or business processes and an alternative solution cannot be reached, a user may request an exclusion from a specific management policy. An example of this would be a computer used in a recital hall needing to be excluded from the traditional forced reboot schedule to prevent reboots during a recital.

In those cases, a user that is responsible for the device may submit a support request for a Management Policy Exclusion, along with a justification, and the IT Consultant will begin the Management Policy Exclusion process. The workflow will be reviewed by a representative from IT Support Services, IT Infrastructure and Systems, and the Office of Information Security for approval before excluding the device from a management policy. 

Who must request an exclusion?

Only a user that is responsible for the device that needs the exclusion, can request the exclusion.

How long does an exclusion last?

An exclusion will last 365 days from the final approval date. After 365 days, the user will get a notification prompting them to review the management exclusion and they can send it through the approval process again to continue the exclusion for another 365 days.

Step-by-Step Guide

To request a Device Management Exclusion, follow these steps:

  1. First, ensure that there are no measures that may be taken to resolve the issue without the exclusion.
  2. Gather the required information for requesting an exclusion:
    1. The device serial number or service tag.
    2. The building and room number where the device is located
    3. Your preferred contact number
    4. A written justification that should document the use case of the device as well as the need for the exclusion as it pertains to University academic and/or business processes.
  3. Once you have the required information, navigate to and choose Computer Assistance.
  4. Submit the required information in the fields for the request.
  5. An IT Consultant will contact you for clarification if needed.
  6. You will receive a request to approve that you accept the terms of the exclusion:
    1. Insert risk/responsibility verbiage here.

      Risk/Responsibility Acceptance

      You, the responsible party, will be responsible for maintaining the device in a secure, patched, and supportable state once a management policy exclusion has been applied.

  7. Once the exclusion has been approved and put into place, a process will begin to initiate review of the device's exclusion once every 365 days.

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