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If you seek to acquire servers, networking equipment, audio/video equipment intended for a classroom or a multi-use space, software that will be installed on any device except a single employee workstation/device for a single employee’s use, cloud services, or IT consulting services then you need to submit an IT Acquisition Hardware or Software/Service Request   

The IT Acquisition process is designed to help:

  • streamline the review process 
    • depending on the item/service, ITS will work with other areas on campus whose input is needed.  This includes but is not limited to the Office of General Counsel, the Payment Card Oversight Committee, distributed IT areas, and University Data Stewards.
  • ensure data & security compliance reducing the risk of security threats and vulnerabilities to our University and users
  • ensure infrastructure compatibility
  • identify available IT resources
  • ensure cost effectiveness
  • reduce duplication of services
  • meet accessibility and IT Governance standards 

Who can use this service?

Faculty and Staff 

Who do I contact for problems or issues?

Contact our Project Management & Governance group at 


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