Kaltura Analytics give perspective, not definitive information. Be careful not to use Kaltura Analytics as a sole measurement for an attendance or participation grade; if the analytics do not show a particular student viewing your video in a specific timeframe, that does not mean the student did not try to view it. For example:

  • It is possible Kaltura could not collect information about someone's viewership. There have been cases where specific browsers, browser plugins, or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have blocked Kaltura Analytics from collecting data.
  • If you make a video in Kaltura MediaSpace unlisted, then paste a link to that video in AsULearn or elsewhere, users who view the video through that link will appear in Kaltura Analytics as Unknown.
  • If you allow viewers to download your video, then when viewers watch videos they downloaded to their computer/device, data about their viewership will not be sent back to Kaltura Analytics.

Kaltura - Known Issue - Privacy and ad-blocking software can cause issues with Kaltura MediaSpace

Many faculty rely on Kaltura Analytics to check who has viewed content and for how long. People utilizing privacy-enforcing or ad-blocking software may not appear in Analytics reports for Kaltura. Though not recommended, if faculty decide to use Analytics to take attendance or for a participation grade, please ask students to disable any ad-blocker on their browser from AsULearn and Kaltura.

Getting "Access Denied" or "blocking 3rd party sessions" errors?

Are you seeing either an "Access Denied" error or one that says "It seems your browser is blocking 3rd party sessions cookies which are required for the Kaltura application. To resolve this issue, please update your settings to allow 3rd party cookies?"


Workarounds will vary based on the privacy or ad-blocking software the end-user is using. If it is possible to allow Kaltura domains or disable the software for AsULearn (URL: https://asulearn.appstate.edu) and Appstate's Kaltura Media Space (URL: https://mediaspace.appstate.edu/) please try that. You can also whitelist certain domains, such as analytics.kaltura.com or stats.kaltura.com

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