If you need to make a Space or Page available to the public 

Confluence offers "anonymous access" which means the site visitor does not need to login to view Confluence content. You will need Space Admin privileges in order to set permissions.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Determine if you want public access at the Space or Page level
  2. To make a Space publicly available:
    1. Confirm with all editors that no Confidential, Sensitive or Internal Data will be stored on the site
    2. Access Space tools, scroll to the bottom to see Anonymous Access, and select Edit Permissions

    3. Select All → View and Comments → Add if needed, and select Save All
    4. Confirm that only View and Add Comments permission have been selected

  3. If you want the Public to only see one or more pages in a Space, you will need to give the public Space permissions to the space, and then use Page Restrictions to restrict access to pages that you do not want the public to view. 

  4. Add the individuals/groups that you want to view/edit the page(s).  If the public has View access to the space, they will no longer be able to view content on pages that have been restricted to certain users or groups

    • Move your pages as you work: If you've got an external facing site, or if your team is writing something like policies for the rest of your organisation, you can work on them in your team space, and then move them to an external facing space once they're done. Alternatively, you can work on something in your personal space, and then once it's been polished, move it to the official space that it needs to be under. 
    • Lock down pages until ready: Working on something that you don't want everyone to know about until it's ready? Lock down your page while you work on it, and only change the page restrictions once it's ready to go public. 

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