AsULearn is a locally customized version of the well-known open-source Moodle learning management system.  

There are three distinct AsULearn websites:

Each of these sites can be easily accessed from the AsULearn Sites menu in the navigation bar at the top of each page of each site.

AsULearn Sites dropdown menu has links to other AsULearn sites

The Dashboard is organized with:

  • A block for Recently accessed courses; and
  • A Course overview block where courses can be filtered to
    • All (except removed from view): All courses, regardless of start and end date (except those the user has specifically set to be removed)
    • In progress: Courses with a start date before today and no end date or an end date after today
    • Future: Courses with a start date after today
    • Past: Courses with a start and end date before today
    • Starred: Courses the user has specifically set to be starred
    • Removed from view: Courses the user has specifically set to be removed

Course retention

Courses on the primary AsULearn website will be retained for 25 months starting fall 2019.

New semester courses are built and made available to faculty in AsULearn when they are received from the Registrar's Office and ITS:

  • Summer I, Summer II, Fall: Mid-March
  • Spring: Mid-October

Always check the Future filter in your Course Overview block if you are looking for the next semester's courses as a faculty member. If faculty need to begin building their courses prior to time frames listed above, please open a support request to set up a development course.