App State Information Technology Services (ITS) has partnered with the Office of Sustainability through the Sustainable Purchasing program to manage a more sustainable future for printing.

ITS will be installing PaperCut, a software designed to help organizations manage printing on Sharp Copiers during the summer of 2023.

PaperCut allows us to: 

  • simplify printer management;               
  • promote responsible printing practices (ex: two-sided and b&w printing);
  • reduce costs and decrease energy consumption;
  • consolidate campus printing into one system for faculty, staff, and students. 

What to Expect

Employees will print, make copies, and scan using an AppCard swipe, Banner ID, or App State username and password to authenticate (identify themselves) at the printer. 

PaperCut will:

  • attach print jobs to the person, not a specific printer;

  • enhance document security by enabling print-release authorization; and 

  • allow for scanning directly to a personal Google Drive.

Who can use this service?

Faculty, Staff, & Students 

How do I purchase a license?

Papercut is available on the App State Network for faculty, staff, and students. 

Internal Data (Requires Login)

Status: Active

03/01/2024 13:55:05