Courses where students enroll through the Registrar's Office are automatically populated with students, since AsULearn is connected to Banner. With a committee or workgroup site on AsULearn-Projects you may have a large number of participants to be added manually.

Note that you may only enroll existing AppState users with this process. You will only be able to seach/add users who have "" accounts in good standing.

Option 1: Manually Add Individual Users

If you have a committee or workgroup AsULearn site on the AsULearn-Projects server, you can manually add participants by following the process outlined on the Participants: Add to Course support page. It is possible to search for select multiple users and assign them the same role:

earch and select multiple users to assign same role

Option 2: Import Users with List of Email Addresses OR Banner IDs

  1. If you need to enroll a large number of users, it may be faster to create a plain text file of email addresses or Banner ID numbers. NotePad is a great tool for creating text files in Windows, and TextWrangler or TextEdit is good for Macs. The list should not have any headers and only include the email addresses or Banner ID numbers in a single column, one per line. Pick whichever is easier for you to obtain.



    If the list includes users that will have different roles in AsULearn, either separate the lists or you will need to change the roles for some users after you import. That's easy to do on the Participants page.

  2. Go to your course homepage in AsULearn or AsULearn Projects where you wish to import the users, and click Participants at the top of the page:

    Click Participants in the options listed at the top of your course homepage
  3. Using the pull-down menu at the top left, select the Import Enrolls option:

    In the pulldown menu at the top left, select Import Enrolls

  4. For User Field, select Email address or ID Number (Banner ID), depending on the user list you created above.  Under Enrollment Options, select the Role to be applied for all (or most) of the users in your import list. Drag your import file to the Import file window (.txt or .csv are accepted) or click the Choose a file... button to select and upload the file.

  5. After the import file uploads, click the Import button at the bottom of the screen or click Cancel to abandon your import. Participants will be imported into the course with the role you selected. 

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