PhoneReg is a custom application serving as the primary system of record for phone lines, physical VoIP phone hardware, their location and assignment to University personnel, and associated fund codes for billing.  This application also tracks the campus inventory of unused VoIP phones and phone numbers.

Who can use this service?

Members of the Network Infrastructure and Control Systems (NICS) division of ITS have access to PhoneReg for tracking changes in response to joiner, mover, leaver employee transactions, campus infrastructure changes, or billing updates.

The office of the CIO has access to PhoneReg’s billing module to generate phone bills charging campus divisions for phone service.

How do I request this service?

Not applicable.

Who do I contact for problems or issues?

Departmental administrative staff can request a change to their PhoneReg VoIP data through

Requests should be submitted for any of the following:

  • An existing VoIP phone and/or phone number will be assigned to a new user

  • An existing VoIP phone will be moving to a new campus location

  • The department requires a new VoIP phone and/or phone number

  • The departmental fund code used to bill for phone services has changed

  • A new analog phone number (fax, point-of-sale, elevator or blue light phone, etc) is required or the location associated with the analog line is changing

Internal Data (Requires Login)

Status: Active

12/15/2022 15:09:17