If you use the AsULearn Quiz tool, and you include essay questions, there is not a setting to enable to allow for blind grading of student work. It is possible to hide student names when grading the essay questions, if you use manual grading. If the faculty member is viewing the complete student quiz attempt, students' names are visible in that window, but if you batch grade the essay questions along in manual grading, anonymity can be created on that particular screen.

Broad Overview of Process

  1. Teacher adds himself/herself/themselves as a secondary teacher to the course, so the teacher has two roles in the course site.
  2. By editing the Permissions of the secondary teacher, it is possible to prohibit the secondary teacher role from seeing names when grading quizzes in the manual grading view.

Step 1 - Add the Additional Role of Secondary Teacher to the Teacher

  1. From the main course page, click the 3-line hamburger icon (top left) to open the drawer, and select Participants to from the menu.
  2. Click  Enroll users button at the top right of the Participants window.
  3. The Enroll users window is displayed.
    Appstate email addresses are absolutely unique, so that's the most accurate way to search for someone. Enter the desired email address.
  4. Set the role to secondary teacher.
  5. When you're done, click the Enroll users button. You should now see two roles for the selected individual.

    Adding secondary teacher

Step 2 - Adjust Permissions for Secondary Teacher

  1. After adding the secondary teacher role, return to main course site page.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select More.
  3. Go to the Users tab and click Permissions.

    Permissions Link on Users tab
  4. On the Permissions page, select Secondary Teacher for the Advanced role override.
    secondary teacher role select
  5. There are a number of permissions, so it may help to do a Find on the web page for Manual Grading Report.
    Set 'See student names while grading' to Prohibit.
    Click Save Changes.

    Prohibit seeing student names permission
  6. To insure that names are now removed, go to a quiz and select manual grading from the gear menu.

    View without name

    Manual grading - anonymous

    Old View with Name Prior to Above Changes

    Manual grading with name

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