Instructions for connecting to a campus computer from an off campus location when the computer on campus has a Windows operating system and the computer off campus has a MAC operating system.


You must be connected with Pulse to make this connection.

Configure the campus computer to accept incoming connections

    • Click the Windows icon
    • Type Settings and open the Settings App
    • Click System
    • In the left side of the System pane, select Remote Desktop

    • Ensure Enable Remote Desktop is toggled on
      • Click the toggle
      • Click Confirm
    • Your campus computer is now enabled to accept incoming connections


You must be connected with Pulse to make this connection.

To connect to campus computer from off campus

    • In the menu Bar, click on Go, then Applications to open Self Service. 

    • In Self Service, search at the top left for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

    • Within Self Service, install and open Microsoft Remote Desktop. Follow the installation instructions on your screen and allow permissions when prompted:

    • Click the + button and from the drop down menu click Add PC.

    • In the PC name field, enter the IP address of the computer you wish to connect into. Give the computer an identifying friendly name.

    • After clicking Add, your computer will show in the PCs space. 

    • To intiate a connection, double click on your PCs name tile.


    • In the Username field, type appd\<your username> and then type your University password crediential.


      Do not enter in the User name field and do not include brackets.

    • If this is your first connection, you will need to accept a security warning. Make sure to only agree to this if you're connecting to a server you trust. Click Continue and the remote connection will complete and launch. 


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