SPSS Statistics is a statistical software suite developed by IBM for 

  • data management
  • advanced analytics
  • multivariate analysis
  • business intelligence
  • criminal investigation

Who can use this service?

Faculty, Staff, & Students

How do I request this service?

Faculty and Staff can download SPSS directly from Software Center on a PC, or Self Service on a Mac while on campus or while connected via VPN.  While connected to the Appstate network, the license will auto-apply and renew as needed.  Do not use the stand-alone download/license on a fac/staff machine. 

Note: There are a limited number of licenses that are reserved for student use.

  1. Students can download SPSS 29 here (ensure that you are logged in with a valid account).
  2. Request stand-alone license code (which expires annually) - request a code
  3. You can also access SPSS for free by going to the uDesk virtual computer lab.

Note: SPSS will not work on a Chromebook or other device with Chrome OS.

Internal Data (Requires Login)

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