Use this form to issue a payment for goods and services already delivered/rendered, if paying a Foreign Supplier use the Foreign Payment Request Form.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Request for Direct Payment link under Forms

  2. Read the form's instructions then fill out sections 1 to 11.

    Things to Know

    • The supplier has to be US based.
    • The supplier text field auto generates the Supplier/Vendor name once you start typing.

    • If a Supplier/Vendor has multiple Fulfillment centers, you have the option to change the center.
    • If you can not find your Supplier/Vendor listed in the Suppliers section, please exit the Request for Direct Payment form and have the Supplier/Vendor complete a Vendor Information Packet (all forms for US Vendors)
    • Be sure to attach all required document even if they are not listed, all attachments should be uploaded as a pdf document.
  3. Once satisfied, click the Add and go to Cart on the Available Actions button.

    Available Actions

    • Add and go to Cart - Adds the form to your active cart and takes you to the cart.
    • Add to Cart and Return - Adds the form to your active cart and refreshes the form removing all the information you entered. 
    • Add to Cart -  Used if you have multiple invoices for the same supplier. It adds the information on your form to your active cart and refreshes the form, keeping the supplier in context so you can enter the next invoice into the form.
    • Add to Draft Cart or Pending PR/PO - Adds the form to one of these documents, a pop-up window displays all available draft carts, purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Click the radio button associated with the cart or document to which you would like to add the request.
    • Add to Favorites - Adds the form to your Favorites.
    • Add to a new Cart - Creates a new cart with the form and takes you to the cart.
  4. Once in the shopping cart, link the TCM contract if applicable).

    For information on how to link a contract, go to Linking a Contract
  5. Click Proceed to Checkout or Assign Cart