Print Board gives you the ability to get a printable overview of your board.

You can select which list to print.
You can also select which of the below field to print
- List Name
- Card Name
- Card Description
- Labels
- Members
- Due Date
- Due Complete
- Last Active Date

Who can use this service?

Faculty & Staff using an Appstate Trello Account

How do I purchase a license?

This power-up is free and can be downloaded directly from their website. 

How do I obtain a license?

Click on the “Add Power-Up” button to add Print Board to your Trello account.

How do I request this service?

Visit our “Trello Account Setup Page” to create a faculty/staff Trello account. For a full-list of approved Trello Power-Ups available for campus-wide use, visit our Trello Power-Ups Page

Internal Data (Requires Login)

Status: Acquired

12/12/2022 13:54:05