Get started with your CISCO 7841 VoIP phone. The 7800 Series Quick Start Guide describes how to:

  • Identify features and buttons on your VoIP phone
  • Place, answer, and transfer calls
  • Put calls on hold
  • Adjust settings
  • Manage voice messaging
  • etc.

For more information, visit the following links provided by Cisco:

Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series Quick Start Guide: 7800 Series Quick Start Guide

CISCO User Guides for all models: CISCO End-User Guides

Video Overview of VoIP Phone: IP Phone Overview

Hardware and Setup:

Wireless Headset Models and Making Purchases:

The 9740 UC Pro Series is a full-featured headset designed for periods of long wear that can be used in conjunction with Cisco desk phones, multiple softphone offerings, as well as Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. It features a touchscreen docking station, on-headset call controls, and a 450' wireless range when in docked-wireless mode.

The Biz 2300 Series headsets are inexpensive, wired headsets designed for environments where the number of users can cause wireless cross-talk. 

The Biz 2300 comes in either the monaural (single ear) or binaural (two ear) varieties.

Additionally, the Biz 2300 utilizes QD (Quick Disconnect) cabling, which allows the wearer to detach from their workstation without having to remove the headset.

The Biz 2300 can be purchased in either the standard QD model, which is compatible with the CISCO desk phone only, or in the QD USB model, which is compatible with computer-based softphones only.

If you decide to purchase the Biz 2300 Series, please use the appropriate part number when purchasing from YoMart:

JabraBiz 2300 QD Duo
Part Number2309-820-105
JabraBiz 2300 USB Duo
Part Number2399-823-109
JabraBiz 2300 QD Mono
Part Number2303-820-105
JabraBiz 2300 USB Mono
Part Number2393-823-109

The Voyager 5200 is a lightweight, flexible headset designed for people on the go. It comes packaged with a hardshell aluminum and silicone carrying case that doubles as a docking station and charging bank. 

The Voyager 5200 is designed to function with Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and computer-based softphones. The MDA200 Communications Hub and EHS cable attachments also allow connectivity with our CISCO desk phones.

When purchasing the above items on YoMart, please look for the following part numbers. All three parts must be ordered to work with the CISCO desk phone.

PlantronicsVoyager 5200 UCMDA200APC-43
Part Number206110-0183757-0138350-13

The Encore Pro Series is Plantronics' low-cost, wired headset option.

These models are designed to avoid wireless cross-talk in crowded headset environments. Each features a quick-disconnect cable attachment that allows the wearer to walk away from his or her desk without removing their headset.

When purchasing these headsets from YoMart, reference the below part numbers:



Part Number89433-01

HW510D (Digital Series)

Part Number203191-01
Part Number89434-01
PlantronicsHW520D (Digital Series)
Part Number203192-01

The Savi 700 series is Plantronics' full-featured headset package. It is available in both monaural (one-ear) and biaural (two-ear) varieties.

The Savi 700 series is designed to connect to CISCO desk phones, computer-based softphones, and via Bluetooth to mobile devices. The device requires the APC-43 EHS Cable to utilize the on-headset call controls with the CISCO desk phone.

When purchasing these models from YoMart, please reference the following part numbers:

Part Number83545-0138350-13
Part Number83544-0138350-13

The Motion Office UC is Jabra's headset designed for lightweight, on-the-go communications.

With the packaged touchscreen LCD base station, the Motion Office UC provides connectivity to our CISCO desk phones, computer-based softphones (Jabber and IP Communicator), and mobile devices via Bluetooth. When paired with its base station, it sports a 300' (100m) wireless range, or 90' (30m) when in Bluetooth mode.

When purchasing this model through YoMart, please reference the part numbers listed below:

JabraMotion Office UC
Part Number6670-904-105

The Motion UC series by Jabra is designed for completely mobile use.

The Motion UC is not able to connect to the CISCO desk phones used by App State. However, it serves as a perfectly reasonable option for wearers who will solely be using computer-based softphones and mobile devices.

The Motion UC connects with Bluetooth via a USB nano-adapter or via a mobile device's built-in Bluetooth. The range on this wireless is 90' (30m). It comes with a neoprene carrying case and a USB charging cable.

When purchasing this model through YoMart, please reference the part numbers below:

JabraMotion UC
Part Number6630-900-105

The CS 500 XD Series by Plantronics is a mid-range series of multi-use headsets.

The CS500 XD comes in three wearing styles: monaural (one-ear), biaural (two-ear), and a convertible unit that allows for over-the-ear, behind-the-neck, or monaural wear.

The CS500 XD connects to the CISCO desk phone by default and utilizes the APC-43 EHS Cable to utilize on-headset call controls.

When purchasing this model from YoMart, please refer to the following part number:

Part Number88284-0138350-13
Part Number88284-0138350-13
Part number88285-0138350-13

From, select the "CDW-G Electronic Invoicing" punchout.

Approved headsets with all required accessories will be listed at the bottom of the CDW-G page.

For a comprehensive selection of compatible headsets visit the Jabra Compatibility Guide or the Plantronics Compatibility Guide (search for CISCO 7841).

If your area requires conference call support, please reach out to the Help Desk for assistance in selecting the appropriate choice.

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