How can I use my wireless device if it ONLY supports WEP?

  • Because WEP is not secure, it is no longer supported.

What does 802.11 a, b and g mean?

Where can I get additional information about connecting to the Appalachian wireless network?

What buildings at Appalachian have a wireless network access presence?

  • All academic, student activity and administrative buildings have wireless coverage. See outdoor Wi-Fi locations with this campus mapContact John Pertalion,, if your area of study or work has deficient wireless service. 

Do you need to register wireless Ethernet MAC addresses like you do wired ones?

  • Yes.

Can you tell me a little about the new Aruba wireless network?

Wireless SSID (Network IDs):

    1. asu: WPA2, 802.1x AES Encryption
    2. asu-visitor: Captive Portal/Community Service Access/Open/No encryption

This SSID is the most secure wireless connection available and is recommended for use by faculty and students. It uses 802.1x for authentication with your ASU user name and password. This SSID supports the 802.1x security standard as well  WPA2.

This ssid provides NO encryption. This network id requires the use of any Web Browser to gain access to the network. Visitor users will receive a captive portal browser login screen and will be given the option to login as a visitor (with their email address). Visitor access will be open to web browsing only with other limited services. All services accessed via this ssid will have a bandwidth cap per user of 500kbps. Sensitive information should be transmitted via encrypted methods such as HTTPS, SSH or VPN. This ssid is to be used for Appalachian community service and visitor access by those users who do not have an official Appalachian computer user id. Since it is open/non-encrypted, it MUST NOT be used for official University business.

Who should use the “asu-visitor” wireless ssid?

  • This ssid is for casual University visitor wireless access only. To make setup and use as easy as possible, this ssid is not encrypted. It provides absolutely no form of encryption or privacy. It should only be used by University visitors that do not have a valid ASU login name and requires non-private network access. It must never be used to perform official University business. Visitor users of this id who wish privacy must use client VPNs or other SSL client encryption methods such as HTTPS and SSH.

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