Supervisors or other designated officials have discretion in deciding whether an employee is a candidate for telework, please refer to your supervisor for guidance on approved work procedures. 

Additional teleworking guidance and a form for documenting telework arrangements is available here

Remote Tools for Access to Secure University Services 

 Information Technology Services has developed connection recommendations to optimize resources so all patrons can have a successful and secure telework experience. 

Service Recommended Tool for the Job Additional Information
Banner9, WebFOCUS, E-Print,  

Preferred choice: uDesk 

Alternative Options: Ivanti Secure Access VPN (formerly Pulse Secure)

For quick Banner access (query and report access) use uDesk to launch a virtual Windows desktop in your browser. 

If extended daily use of Banner is required (data entry) Pulse Secure VPN is the best choice.

University Licensed Software 

Public Lab Software 


uDesk will provide quick access to specialized software, access to public computer labs, and licensed software via software center.  

Faculty, Staff, and NOW ALL Students will be able to utilize this service.

M: and P: Drive 

Preferred choice: Ivanti + university computer 

Alternative Options: uStor Cloud (Quick upload and download of files) 


M: and P: is approved storage for sensitive university data. Please do not download sensitive data on personal computers.    

Consider Google Shared Drive for non sensitive data. 

VoIP  University Phone Service

Preferred choice:  Voicemail to E-Mail

Alternative Choice:  CISCO Jabber 

If you do not need to actively answer your phone, please let calls roll to voicemail then email.  

(Call Forwarding and Single Number Reach are not supported at this time.  These features have been disabled to ensure that campus phone service can perform optimally while working remotely.)

Please use CISCO Jabber for remote phone use if your job requires actively monitoring phone lines. 

Jabber Client for University Phone Lines

Maintaining reliable and familiar communication channels are critical to business continuity. 

Note: If you are not able to answer your campus line, all inbound phone calls will go directly to voicemail. Every voicemail you receive will automatically be sent to your AppState email with full call details.  


ZOOM Video and Web Conferencing

Google Chat - From direct messages to group conversations, Google Chat makes it easy to communicate with your coworkers. 

Video and Lecture Capture




Stay secure while working from home

  • Remain skeptical and be aware of fraudulent email and social media posts. Report suspicious emails by forwarding them to
  • While working from home, do not store confidential University data on any personal devices (e.g. files that may contain SSNs, banking info, health records). If you do not have a University device that can be used for work, then the UDesk (virtual desktop platform) can be used for work involving confidential data.
  • Please make sure that University computing devices are only accessed by you and not family members or guests.
  • All University managed devices will continue to receive security updates and protection whether on- or off-campus.

Additional Resources

For additional information or questions, please feel free to contact the Help Desk at 828-262-6266.