The Workshop Scheduler Dashboard is your Workshop Departments' "control center". From this page you can:

  • Search for previous or upcoming workshops (defaults to the most recent workshop offerings)
  • View registrations for workshops
  • Edit the workshop/course logistical information
  • Edit a section
  • Archive or cancel your workshop

To access your Workshop Department Dashboard:

  1. Login to Workshop Scheduler and follow the onscreen instructions
  2. From the workshop scheduler homepage, click on your AppState email address at the top right-hand corner of the screen and scroll down to Dashboard

Understanding the Dashboard Tabs

  • Courses: Displays ALL of the workshops your Workshop Department has offered. If you've offered a course previously, you can add a section with the new date/time rather than creating a workshop from scratch
  • Course Type: The categories that your workshops fall under
  • Formats: Various formats that your workshop will be offered under (i.e. Book Clubs, Courses, or Workshops)
  • Notice Templates: You can create a variety of templates that will automatically be sent out to registrants, including
    • Invitations: If you have a certain group of people that you want to invite to a workshop, but do not want the workshop to be displayed so that anyone can register for it, you can send out invitations that include a code so that they can access & register for the workshop
    • Reports: You can download the number of attendees and registrants by the workshop name or course type during a specific time frame
      • Note: This is helpful for annual reporting

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