Though Zoom is integrated with AsULearn for synchronous online meetings with your students, some faculty use the Zoom web portal to start a meeting by themselves, share their desktop, and deliver a 'lecture' or presentation while recording it. The link to the recording can then be posted in AsULearn or otherwise shared with students.

This process uses the Zoom web portal ( rather than starting a session via the Zoom activity in an AsULearn course. Note: Recordings in the Zoom Cloud are retained for 30 days. You can download recordings from the Zoom Cloud, and post them on your YouTube channel to retain the indefinitely should you wish. The videos are also automatically copied over to your Kaltura account and can be shared from there.

Using Zoom for Lecture Capture

Overview (summary of video above)

  1. Log in with your Appalachian credentials at  This automatically grants you a Zoom pro license (for faculty, staff, and student users).  You can host an unlimited number of meetings, with up to 300 participants in each one, and record those meetings to the Zoom Cloud for later sharing.

  2. On the Zoom dashboard, select Host a meeting, and choose Video On or Video Off.
    Host a meeting menu
  3. Zoom will run (follow the prompts to start if you have not used Zoom on your computer before), and your meeting will open.

  4. Use the tools along the bottom to 1) Start a recording. Always choose Record to the cloud, and 2) Share your screen

    Zoom controls

  5. With your screen shared, and your recording started, use your desktop to display any materials you need (PPT, Excel, PDF, website, AsULearn course, etc), and deliver your lecture, speaking as you would in class. Remember that if it is on your screen, it is being recorded, as is your audio. It is helpful to think that you have a student standing behind you looking at your display, and you are explaining content to them during an office hour. But here, you're in a meeting alone, sharing your screen and recording a lecture.

  6. When you are finished, click the End Meeting link and the select End meeting for all in the pop-up window. 

  7. If you used the Record to the Cloud option, your Zoom meeting will appear on your Kaltura My Media page as soon as it completes processing, and can be shared with students from there.

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