The Ecoinvent Database is a Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database that supports various types of sustainability assessments. The database contains international industrial life cycle inventory data on energy, resource extraction, material supply, chemicals, metals, agriculture, waste management services, and transport services. The Ecoinvent Database enables users to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental impacts of their products and services.

Who can use this service?

Faculty and Students in the Department of Management, COB can use the Educational License.

How do I purchase a license?

Educational licenses can be purchased using departmental funds from this page:

How do I obtain a license?

Licenses are purchased at the department level. Users must receive approval from their Department Chairperson before purchasing a license. 

How do I request this service?

If you are a faculty member or student in the Management Department in the College of Business, please contact Lauren Stansberry for more information. 

Otherwise, please submit an IT Acqusition support ticket at

Note: EcoInvent is located outside of the United States and needs to be reviewed and approved through the Office of Tax Compliance before purchasing. 

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