After a host is requested, it's only checked for duplication within the system. We do not check the legitimacy of host sites.  Host sites need to be vetted by the department, prior to sending students.  Host sites with past issues brought to our attention will trigger a message with contact information on the record. Any issues or concerns raised about a site can be addressed with Les Miller and Jennifer Chrisohon.

Add an Internship Page:

  • When adding an internship, options to select and request Host and Sub Host Names are now available 
    • The “Host Name” is the top level host that only contains a name.
    • The “Sub Name” is a location under the Host Name that includes site address information
      • In order to select a sub name, first select a location

If a sub name is not listed; check to make sure you have selected the correct state or country. Sub names are filtered so the list only shows the ones for the selected state under 'Location'. 

  • For example: 
    • When adding an App State Academic Affairs internship, select Location ⇨ Domestic and State ⇨ North Carolina on the ‘Add Internship’ page. 
    • Then select Appalachian State University under the Host Name 

      All host names are in their unabbreviated form.
    • Once a selection is made, a list of Sub Names are filled in with all the locations for Appalachian State University, select the appropriate on campus location for the internship, in this example Academic Affairs
  • Updating Host Names and Sub information:
    • If you notice a host has changed names,  a sub name is no longer descriptive, or the sub’s address is wrong or moved locations; you can put in a ticket to get the information updated.

To help with Host and Sub Name searches; click the dropdown then start typing the name. This should take you to the portion of the dropdown that starts with the entered letters. If you type 'g' it will take you to the beginning of the g's and 'ga' will take you to the beginning of the ga's and so on.

Unable to find a Host Name?

  • Select the plus button (+) next to the Host Name to request a new Host
  • A list of suggested host that have already been add and approved will appear based on what you type
  • If you see the name of a host in the suggested host list, there is no need to request the host again. Simply close and select the host from the dropdown.
  • After the request is sent for approval, the unapproved Host Name will still appear in the list for selection
  • If you request a new host name you will then have to request a sub name by selecting the plus button (+) next to the Sub Name
  • No approval is needed for a Sub Name, so like host name, it will automatically appear in the list for selection
  • Once a Sub Name is requested you must then select it from the dropdown list before creating a record as it's not automatically selected once requested
  • Users are allowed to continue creating a record even if the host name has not been approved
  • The record cannot be approved by Signature Authority until the Host Name has been approved

You can request a Host Name or Sub Name without creating a record.

You can also use the Request Host to help you search for host names. In the example below you can search for all state universities that are in the inventory. (These are not selectable names just suggestions)

Search Page:

  • Search by Host Name in the “Location” section of the search page
  • The Host Names in the dropdown will not be filtered by state prior to searching.

View Internship Page:

  • By adding the Host Name selection the host information will automatically populate on the internship record
  • Under “Location” the Host Name selected will appear, along with the address
  • Phone numbers will need to be added, as they change often
  • Switching Sub Name: If you select a sub name for a record and it was not the correct one/address, you can change it one of two ways:

    • Selecting a different sub from the dropdown on the record

    • Requesting a new sub name on the add internship page, then selecting the different sub from the dropdown

  • The “Type” and “Add a Note” sections have been moved to the right side of the record 
  • The save button at the bottom of the page will save all the fields for the internship, including the ‘Add a Note’ section
  • Warning Message: 
    • A new message will appear when there is an issue with the Host Name selected
    • Contact the appropriate individual based on the information listed at the top of the record
    • The internship record will continue to process, however, if the issue goes unresolved it could prevent the internship from being registered
  • “Denied” Status:
    • If an internship record is “Denied” a message will appear at the top of the record indicating who to contact for more information
  • Anyone can request a background check or drug screening regardless of the records status. Requests can be made on registered records. Once the “Request Background Check” button is selected, an email will automatically be sent and processed.
  • There is a new two-page contract to go with this update. You should be using the newest contract that populates when you select the generate contract button. If you have any saved contract you are copying information to, please delete it.


  • Editing permissions for an internship can only take place at the given level or lower  
  • Unable to edit the page?:
    •  The “Save” button will appear as a “Refresh” button if the user does not have editing permissions.  See below workflow
      • The order level for workflow is: Create New < Signature Authority < Dean Approval < Registrar/Graduate School Approval 
      • Each level has the permission access of those under them
      • Create New - create and cancel a record
      • Signature Authority - Signature approve, create, and cancel a record
      • Dean Approval - Dean approve, reinstate, create, and cancel a record
    • View Only is a special level outside of the workflow and is usually given to those who need to view records for documentation or safety reasons
    • For example:
      • If the internship is at Current Status: ‘Ready for Signature Authority Approval’ permission level to edit is at Signature Authority and greater
      • Once passed onto Current Status: ‘Signature Authority Approved / Pending Dean's Approval’ only those with Dean Approval and greater can edit the internship 
      • If the record is at New, anyone in the workflow can edit the internship

Updates from the Registrar

How updates will be made to faculty supervisors, section and course numbers.  If a user needs to update one of these three areas they can do so by following these steps: 

  • Faculty Supervisor Updates:
    • The Registrar's Service Area team will update the internship inventory faculty supervisor, only after being sent an email to requesting the update.  The faculty supervisor must match the contract on file.
    • Users holding any level of permission(s) are able to generate, upload, and add a contract during any point of the internship process. 
  • Section Number Updates:
    • The Registrar's Office will edit the section number.  Section number updates will be made to ensure the internship inventory and banner records read the same.  
    • Contact regarding any unique change requests.
  • Course Number Updates:
    • If a course number needs to be updated after it reaches the Registrar's level, a request can be submitted to; HOWEVER, the Service Area team will cancel the record and it is the departments responsibility to create a new record, contract, etc. 
    • The cancellation and creation of the new record will eliminate possibilities of errors, and will see to it that all parts of the internship record, the internship inventory, contract, and banner, will include the same information.

Links can be found here to request access, put in a help request, or suggest a feature for Internship Inventory: