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The Office of Human Resources provides a comprehensive New Employee Orientation and Onboarding program for new staff employees. It begins with a three-hour in-person orientation session that introduces participants to state employment, the UNC System, and App State's organization structure.  New employees also learn how to navigate an onboarding course in AsULearn in which topics are organized into three modules the employee can complete at their own pace within their first three months on the job.


App State believes that strong onboarding programs boost performance, engagement and retention. Our program is designed to introduce new employees to the "4 Cs" at App State:

    1. Culture – Campus-wide expectations, customs, rituals and values. In other words, our “personality” and what it’s like to work here.
    2. Clarification – Job training, departmental onboarding and setting individual goals and performance expectations with your manager using monthly checklists.
    3. Connection – Developing professional relationships, networking, exploring the campus and getting involved in the community.
    4. Compliance – The laws, rules, policies and values all Mountaineers must know and apply on the job.


In accordance with Appalachian State University policy, completion of the New Employee Orientation and Onboarding program is required for all new full/part-time SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty, and temporary employees. As required training, the course may be completed during regularly scheduled work hours. Course completion supports the Performance Management Institutional Goal of Compliance defined as, "completing all required compliance training as assigned."

Orientation is a single event that welcomes new employees to App State. Orientation is HR driven and covers information that applies to all App State employees. Orientation is the lighthouse that points new employees in the right direction and prepares them to begin the onboarding process.

Onboarding is long-term process and part of a talent management strategy. Onboarding is manager-driven, and focuses on job and department specific training. Onboarding is what anchors new employees to App State.




  • New Employees are automatically enrolled in an in-person orientation class on their first day of work.
  • New Employees and their manager will receive an email invitation from with detailed instructions on how to attend orientation.


  • New Employees and managers receive an email to their account with a link to the 90-day Onboarding Course in AsULearn-Projects.
    • (warning) - This course is NOT the same as the People Admin Onboarding Portal where employees upload new hire forms such as tax documents.
  • New employees and managers can logging in with App State username and password. 
  • The course organizes topics into three modules. New employees aren't restricted from "working ahead" but are required to complete all of the modules within their first 90 days on the job. 

New employees receive monthly email reminders encouraging them to complete a module each month. 


The new employee's manager, department head, and division head receive quarterly completion reports.

5The manager records course completion status in the employee's Performance Management evaluation of the Institutional Goal labeled "Compliance".

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