Human Resources Information Center

Orientation Class

You will be automatically enrolled in a new employee orientation class to be held on your first day of work. You'll receive an email with detailed instructions on how to access the class either virtually or in-person. Here, you'll learn what to expect from your orientation and onboarding experience including how to navigate this course.  In-person sessions will also include the following:

  • Learn about NC Employment and The UNC System
  • Learn about App State's Leadership and Organizational Structure
  • Learn what your employee type means, and how it determines you pay and time off
  • Complete the required I-9 verification (if not already completed)
  • Get your employee ID card
  • Get a required permit to park on campus
  • Visit the university bookstore and tour the Plemmons Student Union
  • Meet with benefits counselors to learn more about health insurance and retirement options
  • Receive a tutorial on how to navigate the 90-Day Onboarding Course (Step 3)

Online Onboarding Modules

Topics in this course are organized into three modules you can complete at your own pace within your first three months on the job. You won't be restricted from "working ahead" but you are encouraged to complete all of the modules within your first 90 days on the job.

  1. Module 1: Things you NEED to know
    • To be completed within your 1st month on the job (days 1-30)
  2. Module 2: Things you MUST know
    • To be completed within your 2nd month on the job (days 31-60) 
  3. Module 3: Things that are NICE to know
    • To be completed within your 3rd month on the job (days 61-90)

Components of Each Module

ItemDescription and Instructions

Monthly Time Commitment

Monthly ChecklistRequired. You will download and print a monthly checklist and schedule weekly meetings (1 hour) with your manager to discuss what you're learning in the course and cover department-specific and job-specific onboarding requirements. 4 hours
eLesson(s)Required. Complete short, online training to support your learning.1 hour
Resource CenterRequired. Explore a collection of helpful links and resources to learn more about the topics covered within the module.varies
Campus ConnectionRequired except during pandemic restrictions. Attend monthly get togethers for guided tours of points of interest on campus with your new friends from your first-day orientation class. Learn more about Campus Connections.1 hour
DiscussionOptional. An online forum where you can ask questions, share information, reflect on what you're learning, or network with other new employees.varies
Knowledge CheckRequired. At the end of each module you'll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire to verify your completion of monthly checklist items, and let us know how your onboarding experience is going. 15 minutes