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Analyze the sentiment of online text submissions for assignment activities. The sentiment analysis task produces a polarity score for the text which indicates whether the text expresses a negative, neutral, or positive sentiment.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From the gear menu in the course, select Turn editing on.
  2. From the drawer, click the Add a block button.
  3. Select Sentiment Analysis Task.
  4. When the block is placed in the right sidebar of the course, click the gear icon in the block to configure settings.
  5. Under Block settings, select the assignments that should be analyzed for sentiment. Only assignment activities with online text as an enabled submission type are available for sentiment analysis.
  6. Click the Save changes button.
  7. After returning to the course page, click the Execute Task button in the Sentiment Analysis Task block.

Reading the report

The report is saved in the teacher's private file area (accessible from the Private files button in the drawer) under a folder labeled sentiment analysis and the teacher will receive a notification letting them know their reports are available. Each report is named with the assignment name followed by the datetime for when the report was generated. The report consists of an overall sentiment cover page, which shows the sentiment of all the assignment submissions for that assignment, followed by each individual assignment submission's sentiment polarity score. Polarity scores are color coded: negative is red, neutral is grey, and positive is green.

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