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Classroom is a lightweight learning management system (similar to ASULearn) that provides native integration with other GSuite products. After creating a class, users can add other GSuite account users, even if they're not AppState affiliated. Each class gets its own Calendar for scheduling and Drive folder, which can be used to store, share, and collaborate on files, and allows for total control of assignment submission. 


On the web, access Classroom by navigating to

  • (Note: If you are logged into a personal GSuite account in the same browser, you may be redirected to the inbox for that account. Please see this Help Document to add a second account to your browser session.)

On a mobile device, access Classroom via Google's official Classroom app, which is available for free in the AppStore (iOS devices) or Play Store (Android devices)


For tailored assistance regarding Google Classroom, please contact the Help Desk at 828-262-6266

For general assistance, please view Google's Classroom support page

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