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The Pulse Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an application that, once installed on your home computer, creates an encrypted tunnel into Appalachian's secure network. This allows you to utilize Remote Desktop software to log into your work computer or use soft phone applications as through you were sitting at your desk.

 Pulse Secure is available only to faculty and staff

**Pulse Secure is installed and configured on University Builds (Windows and MacOS) by default.   If not, you can access your Software Center desktop icon on Windows or the Self Service icon on macOS to install or update the application.   

Additionally, you can download the Pulse Secure client for your operating system from the NICS File Repository  (Mobile Devices will install the Pulse Secure app from the Play Store or App Store and configure with the below settings)

  • When prompted to run or save the file, select Run
  • Confirm all default configurations to complete installation
  • When Pulse Secure opens, click the Add Connection icon
  • Enter the following connection information
    • Type: Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN)
    • Name: ASUVPN
    • Server URL:
  1. Open Pulse Secure and click Connect
  2. Log in with your App State username and password.  You will need to provide DUO verification in one of the following ways:

    1. Users will receive an auto-push to their primary/default device if push notifications are enabled.  
    2. Users can add a comma to the end of their password followed by a passcode (from token or emergency bypass code)
    3. Users can add a comma to the end of their password followed by the word 'phone' to receive a DUO phone call to a registered phone number. 

When the connection is finalized a secure tunnel has been established back to the campus network and your computer will respond as if it were connected to the campus network.  Access to secure websites should be available as long as the PULSE Secure software is open and connected. Note:  If your connection fails, or if secure services are not working as intended, a full computer restart will usually resolve the issue.  

You are now able to connect to nearly any campus-specific resource from anywhere

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