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AsULearn tools

Works in the mobile appMight work in the mobile appDoesn't work in the mobile app yet
  • Core activities
    • Assignment
    • Book   
    • Choice
    • Database
    • Feedback
    • Folder
    • Forum
    • Glossary (limited editor)
    • Label
    • Lesson
    • Page
    • Questionnaire
    • Quiz
    • URL
    • Wiki 
    • Workshop
  • Attendance
  • Core blocks on site home, dashboard
  • External tools (depends on the tool)
    • Screencast-o-matic goes out to the SCOM site
    • Turnitin provides a link to hand off to the browser, and works
    • Zoom meeting goes to the external app, if installed
  • Files (depends on the file)
    • Advice: Go with PDFs
  • Bootstrap elements
  • Grid format (ignored in app)
  • Group self-selection
  • Turnitin assignment 
  • Third party blocks without integration, any blocks on course pages (coming soon)

Student use

  • Getting notifications 
  • Checking grades
  • Reading discussions and files
  • Viewing videos
  • Reading and sending messages

Instructor use

  • Reading discussions
  • Reading and sending messages
  • Grading activities (simple grading methods only for now)

Offline features

Most course activities and materials can be downloaded for offline use. Calendar events can be viewed and private messages can be sent to course participants offline. Links to materials outside of AsULearn (such as YouTube videos or external tool activities) will not be included in downloaded course materials. Only quizzes with specific settings may be attempted offline.


Interaction with core activities (see above) will be logged. Interaction with third party plugins with mobile app integration will also be logged, however few plugins have full mobile app integration yet. If students have difficulty completing an activity with the mobile app, always refer them to web application. Ask your college consultant if you have questions about a specific activity or resource.

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