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NOTE: Remember Me should only be used with a device you own or that is assigned only to you. Never use the feature on public or shared devices. 

The Remember Me option will not be visible if you have enabled automatic push or call options in your settings (see the troubleshooting section below). Switching your settings to "ask me which way to authenticate" is currently the only solution for this.

Finally, if your web browser is set to clear cache and cookies upon close, the Remember Me option will not work. You can disable this in Chrome or Firefox

How to Choose "Remember Me For 14 Days"

1. After you sign in on the Appstate Sign-in screen, you will be redirected to the Duo authentication screen.

2. Before choosing your authentication method, check the box next to Remember me for 14 days.

3. Choose an authentication method (one of the green buttons). If you are using the recommended Duo Mobile app, you will select: Send me a Push.

4. Verify your identity with your Duo-enrolled device or a passcode.

    You won't need to verify your identity with Duo again for the next 14 days, as long as you are using the same browser on the same device.

NOTE: some Appstate pages do not allow the Remember me for 14 days extension; Duo must be used every time you sign in to those pages.

How It Works

Duo's "Remember Me" feature saves you time while keeping your information safe. It is like the "remember my computer" or "keep me logged in" options you may have seen on other websites.

When you check Remember me for 14 days, your browser is what does the "remembering." This means that Your DUO authentication will not be remembered when you:

  • Switch browsers
  • Use a private or Incognito window in your browser
  • Use a different computer
  • Clear your browser's cookies  
  • Have your browser block third-party cookies

For example, suppose you checked Remember me for 14 days yesterday when you were using Chrome. When logging in today, you decide to use Safari or Firefox. Because you switched browsers, you'll be asked to verify your identity with Duo again.

Note: If you choose to use Remember Me, you will still be required to sign in using the usual Appstate sign-in page at the same intervals as you normally would. However, you will only be asked to verify with Duo every 14 days. 

Cancel "Remember Me For 14 Days"

If you want to cancel the Remember Me for 14 Days feature, clear the browser's cookies and cache. When you restart your browser you'll see that it no longer "remembers" your Duo credentials.

Doesn't "Remember Me for 14 Days" Defeat the Purpose of Duo Security?

No. The purpose of Duo Security is to make it harder for phishers and cyberthieves to access your information and accounts. If phishers have stolen your password, and you've checked Remember me for 14 days, they still cannot log in to your accounts (unless they have also stolen your device).

After checking Remember Me for 14 days you can only bypass the Duo Authentication step on the device and browser you were using at the time you checked the box. 


If you have set Duo to send you a push notification automatically, the Remember me checkbox may be grayed out or hidden. To have the option, follow the instructions below.

1. Cancel the push by clicking the blue Cancel button in the lower right corner of the window and then click on the X.

2. Click the Remember me for 14 days box and select the Send Me a Push button to authenticate (the "Send Me A Push" option is the recommended option when using a mobile device).

    You may also need to clear your browser cache to enable/disable this option for the first time.



For more information including resources for support please visit the DUO - 2-Factor Authentication Service Catalog Page.

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