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Summary (also known as Liquid Files) allows the Appalachian State University community to share files with colleagues both inside and outside of the University. It is a temporary and secure storage system for sharing files and data.  By default, files will remain on File Share for 2 weeks and can be made available up to 6 months. 


  1. Data Classification Decision Tree to determine whether your data is Confidential, Sensitive, Internal or Public
  2. Office of Information Security Secure File Storage and Sharing website
  3. Data Management Standard (requires Google Mountaineer account login) defines classification levels
  4. Secure Data Handling Standard (requires Google Mountaineer account login) defines approved secure sharing methods by data classification level

Who can use this service?

Faculty, staff, and students can use the service and send files securely to non-Appstate accounts as well. 

How do I request this service?

Self-service through the file share website

Who do I contact for problems or issues?

Call the Help Desk at 828-262-6266, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by entering a support request at

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