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All Faculty, Staff and Students use Google Apps for Education for email as well as calendaring, docs and drive.


Groups is a role and permission-based email communication system. Groups administrators can select between four different configurations:

  • Email List (For regular communication with a defined list of users)
  • Web Forum (Interactive, online web forums for sharing ideas about common interests or projects)
  • Q&A (A space for experts to respond to users' questions)
  • Collaborative Inbox (A communal inbox with message assignment functions. Perfect for assigning tasks to group members or managing constituents)

As of Summer 2017, Groups is being leveraged as a replacement product to AppState's former Listserv system


On the web, access Groups by navigating to

  • (Note: If you are logged into a personal GSuite account in the same browser, you may be redirected to the Groups page for that account. Please see this Help Document to add a second account to your browser session.)

No mobile application for Groups exists


For general assistance, please view Google's Groups support page
For more information including resources for support, please visit the Google Groups Service Catalog Page.

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