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Panopto is Appalachian's classroom lecture capture tool, chiefly used to record a traditional face-to-face physical class meeting with students. It is integrated with AsULearn, our course management system, and the directions for adding the Panopto block to your course and provisioning it in Panopto are listed below.  Here are some Panopto use cases:

  • Recording a face-to-face class meeting, using the Panopto recorder on the podium in the classroom to capture the podium's desktop, and feeds from any attached microphone and webcams.  Note that most podiums around campus may not have a webcam with mic attached. You'll need to bring in a USB webcam to capture your voice and image! When integrated with AsULearn, links to the recordings are automatically posted to the Panopto block in your course.
  • Some faculty use Panopto as a desktop capture tool—using the Panopto recorder on their personal computer to record their computer screen and/or webcam and audio—to create tutorials for use in online and/or face-to-face courses.  Most laptops and some monitors have an integrated mic and webcam, or you can attach a USB webcam if you wish.
  • Some faculty also upload existing video to Panopto to stream it into their AsULearn course site. Concerned about students staying engaged while watching video content? Panopto has the ability to embed quiz questions during the video that display at any time index you choose to help your students focus on learning objectives, and get the most out of your media examples.

This page describes using Panopto with AsULearn integration.  If you wish to use Panopto without an AsULearn course, you can log in to Panopto directly at  For support using Panopto through their portal (as opposed to through the AsULearn integration), see Panopto's QuickStart pages.

Add Panopto Block to your AsULearn course

  • Shows how to add the Panopto block, and Provision the course
  • Shows how to add recording to your course (at 2:10)

Downloading/Using the Panopto Recorder

Step-by-step guide

To add the Panopto block to your course, and provision it with Panopto, follow these steps.

  1. From your AsULearn course homepage, click the gear icon (top right) then select Turn editing on
    Turn editing on

  2. At the top left of your course page, click the 3-line hamburger icon to open the drawer menu from the left (if it is currently closed)

    3-line button to open drawer

  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the drawer, and click Add a block

    Add block from bottom of drawer

  4. In the list of blocks that appears, select Panopto

    Adding the Panopto block

  5. The Panopto block will appear on the right side of the course page. NOTE: You can move the block up or down by clicking+holding+dragging the cross icon

  6. To provision your course in Panopto, click Provision Course in the Panopto block. After the course is provisioned, click Back to course.  You'll see your connected Panopto block as below. Use the link in the block to download the Panopto recorder (for Win or Mac) to any computer from which you wish to record. 

  7. After downloading, installing, and logging in to the Panopto recorder, use the Folder menu to select the course you've provisioned.  Give your recording a name that will make sense to your students, select other desired options, and record.  

    Panopto Recorder

  8. Via the AsULearn integration, a link to your recorded session will automatically appear in that course's Panopto block, and you students can view them just by clicking on the recording link(s) under Completed Recordings in the block. Note that you can use the Panopto recorder to record to ANY provisioned course's folder -- just select that course in the Folder menu in the recorder before starting to record.

    Provisioned Panopto Block

Contact your CAE consultant for further assistance.

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